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Amazon Management Agency



PDMG a top rated amazon agency offers its clients end to end Amazon store management.  Our account managers run every aspect of your Amazon Store.  From inventory management to marketing, to listing creation, to customer service, to sales reports, to inventory analysis, creating FBA shipments, SFP set up to monthly account reporting. We use a systematic approach to create management efficiencies.  Our end to end account management offers our clients turnkey solutions.




  • Marketing (Sponsored, Headline and Display Ads): (Sponsored, Headline and Display Ads) Management. Managing either your Amazon Marketing Service Account or Seller Central Advertising Account

  • FBA Management: offering fully turnkey Amazon FBA services that help you set up and organize your shipments to the numerous Amazon Distribution Centers throughout the country

  • Account Performance: monitoring your Amazon storefront account health. Your account health is critical in keeping you in good standing on

  • Inventory Management: monitoring both SFP (seller fulfilled prime) and FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) Inventory levels to make sure you keep in stock and have product to sell on Amazon

  • Customer Service: managing front line customer service inquires. Acting as your official company liaison, trafficking questions and concerns between prospects, customers and your company

  • Account & Listing Optimization: optimization of your Amazon account, including front end and backend. Includes title optimization, search term optimization, bullet optimization, description optimization and enhanced brand content creation

  • Copy Writing: copy writing for your Amazon product, optimizing each product to sell on Amazon

  • Review Management: set up and management of third party tools to help monitor reviews and fight negative reviews when necessary

  • Feedback Management: set up and management of third party tools to help monitor feedback and fight negative feedback when necessary

  • Product Setup: set up of products on Amazon. Photos, copy, product dimensions, video, product variations and enhanced brand content

  • Product Photography: we provide affordable Amazon product photography services

  • Product Video: no need to spend thousands of dollars on product videos, we create simple and affordable product video for Amazon sellers

  • Ecommerce/Omni Channel Strategies: integration of Amazon into your overall company sales strategy

  • Pricing/Profit Modeling: building FBA calculators so you can measure which product and product lines are profitable making you the most money

  • Amazon P & L Creation and Management: understand your profits while selling on Amazon

  • FBA Refund Management: we offer clients an automated option for collecting revenues back from Amazon, Visit PDMG Refund for more information

  • Brand Registry: submitting your trademark information to Amazon to ensure brand ownership allowing sellers a wide variety of extra tools to help sellers succeed on Amazon

  • Brand Ungating, Product Ungating, Catagory Ungating Services: get approval to sell in locked Amazon categories


  • End to End Amazon Seller Central Management

  • Partner with our clients to learn their business

  • Work tirelessly to grow your Amazon Seller Central Account

  • Provide front line customer services

  • Readily available for client calls

  • Guide private label sellers with product sourcing selection

  • Produce professional written copy optimized for Amazon

  • Industry marketing experts

  • Amazon A+ and Enhanced Brand Content Designers

what is pdmg's strategy and ultimate objective?

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  • Grow Amazon Sales

  • Grow Amazon Sales profitability (be accountable)

  • Create Marketing Campaigns at a massive scale

  • Optimize Marketing Campaigns for performance

  • Create Enhanced Brand Content for every product possible

  • Encourage "every" client to participate in Amazon Prime (ie FBA or SFP)

  • Inventory Control strategies

  • Manage Amazon so you can concentrate on other areas of your business

  • Be an accountable partner and industry expert/consultant

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