5 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Management

In this post, I'm going to talk about (5) advantages your business can benefit from when you decide to outsource your digital marketing efforts to an outside consultant or consultant management firm. 

1. Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Efforts Can Reduce Your Business's Operating Cost

When you engage a marketing consultant to manage your digital marketing efforts the common misperception is that it's going to cost your company a lot of money. This may be the case if you engage a huge media firm or engage a consultant who charges unreasonable hourly rates. But in reality most consultants offer very reasonable fixed monthly management rates. These rates can very from $500 to $5000 depending on the level of service you need, but my research has shown that your dollar goes pretty far if you decide to outsource your digital marketing efforts to a consultant firm.  Really, how? 

Okay, now let's focus on the specific cost savings. When you outsource your digital marketing to a marketing consultant or a 3rd party firm, you can avoid hiring a full time, on-site digital marketing specialist or manager.   If you don't add this person to payroll, you avoid the following business expenses: most important, the employee's annual salary, then all associated taxes, such as FICO, medicare, state taxes (when applicable), and unemployment insurance fund contributions.  In addition, if your company offers health insurance and dental plans or 401K plans with contribution,  these extra payroll cost add up too! If you decide to outsource, your monthly management costs will be fixed and predictable.

Other costs, that are often overlooked when you hire full time employees are costs for office equipment (computer, software licences, and/or phone), paid time off, human resources (payroll) and trainings costs. 

So to recap, when you consider the expenses outlined above to hire a full time digital marketing specialist or manager, they really can add up.

2. Finding Top Notch Talent in Remote or Rural Areas can be Challenging

When it comes to finding top-notch digital marketing talent, location matters. Often times, digital marketing experts cluster towards the larger metro areas, specifically New York, San Francisco & the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Washington and Los Angeles. Although, recently, I have seen a lot of top-notch digital marketing talent migrate to additional metro areas, such as Atlanta, Dallas, Austin and Houston.

If your business is situated in a remote area or a state that is not immersed in technology or surrounded by tech-talent, finding hirable talent may prove difficult, this might be another reason to give outsourcing a hard look.

3. Digital Marketing Consultants are Subject Matter Experts

Digital marketing, digital design, and digital analytics is highly specialized.  When you hire an outsourced digital marketing consultant you get someone who is both highly specialized and up to date with industry trends.  They often hold a broad range of skills sets and can hit the ground running, allowing them to make a positive impact on day one. Most important, digital marketing consultants bring their many years of knowledge directly to the table. Finding this level of knowledge or experience in not always possible within your local hiring talent pool, especially in rural locations. So to recap, when you hire a digital marketing consultant you gain from their many years of experience and past business learnings, this can be highly beneficial to your businesses success. 

4.  When You Outsource, you can Avoid In-House Staffing Dilemmas 

Workplace drama, it exists everywhere. It's just the nature of the business.  By hiring a outsourced digital marketing consultant you don't have to deal with covering for short term disability or leave of absence. You won't have the headaches in finding backup when it comes time to covering for maternity/paternity leave, sick time or personal holidays.  You can avoid everyday general workplace disputes such as personnel matters, team disfunction, etc.  

5. If You Have an Internal Digital Marketing Resource or Resources, have them Learn from an Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant

Have you ever thought about hiring a marketing consultant to work in tandem with your internal team?   Most companies do not.  Companies usually  think in black or white, or in all or nothing terms.  

I've noticed that the really smart companies regardless of their size, understand their marketing capabilities.  Good managers or executives recognize the limitations of his or her team's internal capabilities, when good managers reach this point, the managers begin to look for assistance to get their marketing and sale efforts to the next level!  Bringing in outside help to have your team see things from a different perspective can be invaluable.  Not to mention the team can learn from the outside resource and become more productive in the future!

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