Amazon FBA Refund Reimbursement and Management

Amazon Refunds and Reimburstments

Do you know that Amazon owes about 98% of sellers’ cash, but they aren’t aware of? Or maybe they saw the Amazon FBA reimbursement as a tedious process? Amazon process millions of packages, items as well as shipments regularly. Thus slightest errors during their execution are noted, resulting in seller’s loss! To avoid such cases, you need reputable FBA Reimbursement Experts to help you whenever such issues happen.

When to use Amazon FBA Refund Reimbursement!

There are several reasons why you should consider Amazon reimbursement. If you are facing any of the situations below, then hire our reputable services to get you through everything.

· You are refunded, but Amazon never returns some of your items

· Damage or loss of items during inbound shipping

· Damage or loss of your products in Amazon warehouses

· Amazon client concessions are misses or taken out of your account

· The client returns never returned to the inventory

Most Amazon FBA sellers are considering our services for the reimbursement because we offer reputable services from start to end!

  • We have a higher rate of success

  • We use better software with better data imports

  • We comply with the all Amazon Services’ terms

  • We provide manual submissions of claims

  • We offer 100% Visibility on each Amazon Reimbursement Claim

  • We are dedicated and committed managers when it comes to such cases

  • No long contracts or upfront fees

How does it work?

Amazon is intending to establish an ecosystem for 3rd-party sellers having predictable fees with no surprises. Everything a customer is charged will be spelled out precisely in its policy. But at times, mistakes happen even with the most accurate equipment due to human error.

Amazon FBA Refund Management

Amazon FBA Refund Management

Let’s say Amazon warehouses misplaced your 100 units of inventory. How will you get them back, including your money? The process of reimbursement isn’t generally complicated, but finding the errors is the most complicated part; hence, you need to employ Amazon FBA Refund reimbursement And Management experts to help you.

In such a situation, we first track your inventory, review it, and apply the correct procedures of reimbursing it. If your inventory is missing for like 30 days:

è We find your lost and damaged or destroyed inventory, format all the data in Excel, we contact or send an email to Amazon seller support along with your sent SKUs, the date of sending, the approximate time limit your inventory should have been received, the partnered courier confirmation number, sales average costs for the products as well as sales average costs across all sellers.

è Our company guarantees quick reimbursement services from submission, and Amazon follows up to receiving your items or money. Moreover, we apply Amazon’s infrastructure (AWS) - improved encryption - for storage of your information.

è Before hiring us, you have to be a Pro Seller in Amazon to access our FBA Investigating services — we expect you to authorize our manager with Amazon’s MWS API credentials for the easy importation of all of your inventory data as well as add our case manager to act as a Seller Central User.

Why choose us for Amazon Refunds!

Professional services

We submit the claims and conveniently keep track of all your eligible refunds within the involved Refundly dashboard. Our software can scan for any inventory issues and effectively identifies your eligible refunds that are even up to 17 months. Moreover, we find any fraudulent returns, overcharged fees of storage, and verify any Amazon payments.

We offer competitive fees

We charge an affordable 25 percent commission on every approved reimbursement with inventory reimbursements included. To enhance every inventory unit value, we apply the amount as per Amazon’s

assigned unit value. Besides, our payment services accept all debit as well as credit cards for convenience. Your data of payment is encrypted through our own integration and with Stripe. We always send our clients an invoice at around the prevailing months last week or the following month’s first week. And after around 3 – 5 days, we will be charging some bucks from your debit payment cards (debit or credit).

Higher rates of success

Our submission of claims is more successful as compared to our competitors because they are all submitted manually by our committed case managers. We use a more comprehensive process of data import that most of our competitors don’t have. We view every SKU as well as the order in your business history on the inventory event level. This ensures that we keep the data fresh by automatically updating it regularly and also making sure that every reimbursement claim is sent with your most recent and precise data as possible.

In a nutshell, our Amazon FBA refund service are transparent, quick, and easily affordable. Why don’t you contact us or visit our website for more information?