My Decision to Start my Own Digital Marketing & Web Design Firm



This was no easy decision. First of all I needed courage to embark on this journey (check). Secondly I needed to discuss this option with my loved ones and those who are important to me (check).

Let's Build Something

Next step was to build my own website (check).  Next was to layout what I wanted my website to say and how I want to present my content and eventually portray my brand (check). Next refine, refine, refine and still refining....(check).

Generating Business or Clients

Oh boy- this is going to be the hard part.

Step 1 - Reach Out to my Network

It may seem pretty obvious, but those who know you and your level of work will be more inclined to engage you for work services. Work past contacts, former bosses, and former colleagues to see if they need assistance or help.

Step 2 - Reach Out to Companies in Business Models that Seem Familiar

Again, this seems like another no-brainer, but if you have marketable skill-sets, or familiarity with certain business models, this can make for a easy management consulting transition. It's easy to sell your value-add when your experience relates.

Step 3 - Start a Blog and Generate Relevant Content Related to You, Your Company and Company Offering

Enough said, what do you think I'm doing, moving on...

Step 4 - Work Social Media, especially Linked In and Google Plus

In this case, I really believe Social Media to not only be relevant but essential, here's why. Linked In proves to be an extremely powerful when trying to work your network and connections, find new business prospects, message your network through general postings, and mass email tagged segments with Linked In Mail.  In addition, Linked In offers premium services, which allow you to prospect for new business.  

I recently read an article on Marketing Land about the benefits of using Google Plus for your business.  I won't get into the specifics, but will be happy to summarize.  Google is now creating an eco-system, and using Google Plus creates authorship content value. Google Plus, utilizes features like local carousel results, and allows you to leverage other Google properties such as Youtube, Images Results, Gmail and more. Sidenote, using social media channels like facebook, pinterest and twitter will be help too!

Step 5 - Hit the Pavement

I have a feeling that grassroots marketing is going to be part of the equation too. 

Check back in 6 months and I can let you know how things are coming along.