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Merchant Cooperative

We are doing SEO and PPC work for Merchant Cooperative - In South Carolina's competitive marketplace, accepting credit cards is a must for any business. Eighty-percent of all retail customers pay with their credit and debit cards, and if you don't accept credit cards, customers will go to one of your competitors who does. The acceptance of major credit cards is a key factor in the satisfaction of your customers and, as such, in the success of your South Carolina business. They specialize in credit card processing services, merchant payment services, payment processing services, and online card card services and lastly credit card machine readers.


SEO Services for SC Exteriors 

SC Exteriors was founded by Bruce Kiriloff and Drew Hanna to provide great roofing, siding, windows, doors and related services for your home construction or home improvement project. A relentless focus on customer service insures that the project will be completed to your satisfaction, regardless of the size of the project.

SC Exteriors arrived at this standard of quality after working for several other builders and companies, and discovered that sometimes the client was not satisfied with the finished result for various reasons. We have set out to eliminate these various reasons in our construction practice.

Bruce and Drew met and became close friends several years ago while working in the Charleston area at different building companies. After discussing the idea of going off on their own, they decided that they brought complimentary skills, and in 2010, they launched Port City Homes.

Drew is a Charleston area native, and has spent his life in this area. Drew graduated from the Citadel, and has an MBA in Business Administration. Drew has worked in the construction industry for more than 10 years and currently spends his time on project sites, working to insure that each project is built to the exacting standards of SC Exteriors. Drew is responsible for all project activities in the Myrtle Beach area.

Bruce, who is from the north east, moved to the Charleston area after completing his undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Georgia. Bruce has been in the construction business for 20 years, spending 8 years with a national builder, 3 with a regional builder, and the balance with local home building companies working in roles from field manager to director of operations.

This company specializes in Roofing Repair Charleston, SC, , Roofing Installation Charleston, SC, Roofing Company Charleston, SC, , Roofing Contractors Charleston, SC, 

SEO Services for Home Team Flooring

Home Team Flooring of Charleston, SC has been in the flooring business for 17 years. They specialize in hardwood floor installation, hardwood floors refinishing and hardwood floor resurfacing. We've completed hundreds of floor jobs in the surrounding area. Pat Hodges has lived in the Charleston area for 16 years with his wife and daughter and has deep roots in low country. When you choose Home Team Flooring you can rest assured that you will receive top quality flooring and service.

TownScout Travel

We are doing SEO services for Townscout Travel.  A bold company who specializes in Charleston vacation concierge services. We take care of the details so you don’t have to. We believe that your time belongs to you, that planning a vacation should not be more stressful than being on vacation, and that the best advice a guidebook can give is, “Ask a local.”

I was born and raised in South Carolina and, although I migrated north for a while, my heart has always been here. After ten years of practicing law in DC, it was time for a new adventure. We packed our bags and headed south, all the way to Charleston—back to our friends and family, and back to our roots.

And now on to the next adventure: townscout. I created townscout to give other people what I always wanted: time off, well spent.


Harpist Holly Avesian

We just finished a squarspace website design for Holly Avesian.  Holly Avesian is a master at teaching the harp and she also provides exquisite harp music for wedding, concerts & special events. She provides beautifully crafted background music for any special occasion. She accepts special requests made in advanced and adds ambiance and style to your event.  Creating a special program for each event, you may choose traditional or non traditional selections for your ceremony. Holly will create a program for your prelude, cocktail hour or reception music and is happy to learn new music to full fill any special requests. 


Trash Gurl LLC

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group of Charleston, SC recently designed a website for Trash Gurl.  Since February of 2009 Trash Gurl has brought a distinguished difference to waste management in the Lowcountry. Located in Goose Creek, SC, the company is owned and operated locally by Melissa and Jeff Polutta.Trash Gurl surpasses the competition with the personal attention given to each customer. In addition to our experienced and professional staff members, the Poluttas are 100% involved in the day-to-day operations and prefer to think of their customers as family.


Camel Life LLC

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group recently completed a Shopify Ecommerce Website Design for Camel Life. This was an exciting project for our team. The CEO of Camel Life, Robb Heering is passionate about Camels. He's on a mission to introduce camel milk health and beauty products to consumers. Camel milk has some important health benefits, which include the prevention of diabetes, improvement of the immune system, acts as an aid in autism treatment, and protects against certain automimmune diseases.  As a team, PDMG was grateful to assist Robb Heering achieve his goals by designing Camel Life's website.


Swell Vision

PDMG just redesigned the shopify ecommerce store of   Swell Vision is a specialty retail store and lifestyle brand that sells Bamboo Wood Sunglasses, Bamboo Wood Watches and Accessories.


Palmetto Digital Marketing Group is an expert shopify ecommerce store design firm, located in Charleston SC.

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ELF Brands 

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group just complete a ecommerce store build for Elf Brands.  We built this ecommerce store on the Shopify ecommerce platform. About Elf Brands:  Eco Living Friendly or ELF Brands, for short, was started in 2007 by some folks that wanted to provide an alternative to the toxic pesticides on the market at the time.   There were very toxic products for Bed Bug, Lice, Mites, Scabies, Fleas, Mosquitos and many others out there so we developed the best "all natural" and effective alternative products to treat these personal pests. Next we developed mattress and pillow encasements to protect your beds from becoming infested with bed bugs, dust mites and allergens.Eco Living Friendly (ELFbrands) has several brand name products that are sold internationally: Sleep-Safe ZipCovers and ERADICATOR.

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Valeo Nutrition 

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group just complete a website redesign for Valeo Nutrition.  We built this ecommerce store on the Shopify ecommerce platform. We started Valeo Nutrition so that we could offer the highest quality, safe, and efficacious supplement formulations at a reasonable price.  We’ve grown with the health and wellness industry, and fully believe in what we’re providing.  We’d never offer a product we wouldn’t take ourselves! Valeo Nutrition continuously works to bring you the latest research, trends, and feedback on all things related to your health and wellness.  We strive to bring you all of the information that can lead you to a healthier lifestyle.Whether it’s through reliable shipping, affordable prices, useful information, or the best quality products, our number one goal is your continued business.  Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Checkout the work we did for Valeo Nutrition 


Ruffcut Fitness

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group recently designed an ecommerce store for RuffCut Fitness. About Ruffcut Fitness: they are leading supplier of workout products and revolutionary ebook, Body by Murph.  Body by Murph is for every person who wants to get into shape and stay in shape, period.  It’s designed for people with busy lives and busy schedules, for those who don’t want to or simply can’t spend all day at a gym to achieve their fitness needs. It is written for anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle, but is frustrated, confused, or simply intimidated by the millions upon millions of workout books already out there.

We’ve tried to make this book as simple as possible. By using the Body by Murph workout calendar, you have the ability to customize your own workouts. Just pick what you want to do, follow the schedule, select your daily workout, and get moving. You’re in control from start to finish.

Checkout the work we did for Ruffcut Fitness



Kathryn Martin Video or KMVids

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group just complete a website design for Kathryn Martin Video.  We built this site on Wordpress..  My company specializes in new media and video production services.  I am an expert at creating branded content, corporate video, and premium digital content for brands, businesses, corporations and marketing agencies.If you need to hire a video Spokesperson for your website, you’ve come to the right place. Did you know that having a video spokesperson on your website is a great way to boost your business? My research has shown that online visitors respond better to video than plain text.  That’s right,  using an online presenter through video is an effective way to greet visitors, communicate your message, thank them and give a direct call to action.  Big picture, using video is a great way to engage customers, and convert leads to sales.


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Vitamin Whey 

We recently built the brand site for Vitamin Whey, a leader in the whey protein supplement space. The advanced formula of 26 Vitamins and Minerals, BCAA Complex and 60 grams of great tasting high quality Whey Protein in Vitamin Whey™ is the best way to boost your body’s performance.*Whether you’re in or out of the gym, you’ll never miss a gain.* Developed with athletes in mind, Vitamin Whey is the best choice when it comes to advanced nutrition. Try all four of our delicious flavors: French Vanilla, Luscious Strawberry, Chocolate Dream, & Cookies N’ Cream.

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OM Essentials

We recently completed rebuilding an ecommerce website design for OM Essentials. This site was build on the Bigcommerce ecommerce platform.  According to the ancient Indian Vedic scriptures, the significance of the sacred symbol of Om is the universal expression of life that soothes and nourishes the body and soul. Similarly, the essence of nutrition nourished our very being is the essential sustenance to sustain and fulfill the body and mind. Drawing on 20+ years of experience we set out to develop a line of nutritional supplements that merged a healthy yogic lifestyle and the science of nutrition.

Bikini Ready Lifestyle

We recently completed building an ecommerce site for Bikini Ready Lifestyle on the Bigcommerce ecommerce platform.  About Bikini Ready products.  Bikini Ready®, is a leader in weight loss lifestyle solutions.  To get "Bikini Ready" look for our complete line of weight loss lifestyle products including: Bikini Ready Weight Loss Catalyst, Bikini Ready Cleanse Cleanse, Bikini Ready Fashion Multi & Bikini Ready Yummy Shake; Vanilla Creme or Chocolate Decadence. About Bigcommerce. Bigcommerce is an all in one ecommerce platform that has some serious functionality and is a great option for SMB's looking to break into the world of ecommerce. PDMG highly enjoys developing websites on the Bigcommerce Ecommerce platform

Checkout the work we did for Bikini Ready Lifestyle

Brad's Brand Strategy

We recently built a website for Brad's Brand Strategy. A leading natural foods consulting firm based out of Charleston SC. Serial entrepreneur, business consultant, author and health guru Brad Gruno is the epitome of the American entrepreneurial spirit. After two decades of successfully driving profitable businesses throughout the fiber optics boom, Gruno found himself in an overcrowded telecommunications industry without much of a promise for continued success in that sector. It was during that time he discovered the benefits of a raw diet, exercise, yoga and meditation, and made a life-changing shift to reinvent himself and his career by creating Brad's Raw Foods, LLC.



ConversionBank LLC

We recently completed a website for ConversionBank LLC a Search Engine Optimization Company located in Charleston SC.  ConversionBank offers clients with premium level Search Engine and Conversion Optimization support, analysis, recommendations & consultation services. The folks at ConversionBank are subject matter experts and align our services to each client’s business objectives. They provide clients with the tools, analysis and insights to increase their inbound marketing position and conversion results. They act an extension of your marketing team, we take a collaborative approach so your team can learn from our guidance and recommendations.

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We just completed building an ecommerce store for Slimtrim on the BigCommerce website platform.  About Slimtrim, it's an all natural, safe, diet supplement – specially formulated to work with your healthy diet and exercise program to produce the weight loss results you want! SlimTrim is the only all-inclusive formula that features Acai, Resveratrol, Green Tea and other leading diet ingredients in one pill! It is specifically made to work for you.  Keep in mind; SlimTrim plus a healthy diet and lifestyle are the key weapons to maximizing your weight loss. Taking SlimTrim in combination with consuming less calories and increasing the amount and intensity of your physical activity, you are sure to increase your chances to loose those unwanted pounds. Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day you can help lose weight, help maintain your achieved weight, and improve your cardiovascular fitness. If 30 minutes at one time is difficult, you can always add up three 10-minute sessions throughout the day and achieve similar results.


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Tara Psychic Love Readings

Our newest project was for Tara Psychic Love Readings. The company specializes in giving nationwide free 1st time psychic love readings. If a connection occurs, the client will engage the company for more readings.  Why call a love psychic? Usually to understand questions around your love life!  Is he my soul mate? Will my ex come back? Is she cheating on me? You can ask a love psychic anything. Love psychics play a crucial role in how we approach our romantic lives on a daily basis. Whether you're married or currently looking for someone to spend some quality time with, love psychics can use their talents to bring you closer to achieving your overall goal for your romantic life.

Checkout the work we did for Tara's Psychic Love Readings.


B-Progressive Tennis Services

B-Progressive Tennis Services specialize in highlighting your best tennis. They are a entrepreneurial start-up company who sets up, records, edits and publishes tennis footage with the intent of helping each tennis player lift their tennis game.

B-Progressive is composed of tennis fanatics and avid tennis players.  They have been recording and analyzing tennis footage for years. In addition to producing highlight video for amature and recreational players we also specialize in producing quality college recruiting videos for high level high school tennis players.

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This our newest and largest project to date. SafariWire specializes in boutique Tanzania Safaris in Africa. Palmetto Digital Marketing Group was hired to complete their website redesign. The site is built on the wordpress CMS platform and contains over 100 pages. About SafariWire: "the company brings in over 15 years of unparalleled and exclusive quality photographic safaris in Tanzania at competitive pricing. The SafariWire team, both in the USA and Tanzania is committed to providing the highest level of service and value to our guests." We are very excited to be working with such an outstanding group, who specializes in high-end customized African safaris. 


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M & M Tennis Shop

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group recently completed a website design for M & M Tennis Shop of Boston MA. M & M Tennis Shop specializes in professional tennis racket stringing services for the Boston MA metro area. M & M Tennis Shop is one of the few tennis stringing services that picks up and delivers your tennis rackets directly to your doorstep. They also have  drop off locations throughout the region.  We designed their website on web-friendly Squarespace Web CMS

Checkout the work we did for M & M Tennis Shop 

Aichner Enterprises

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group aided Aichner Enterprises in building their website on the wordpress platform. Aichner Enterprises employs expert eCommerce consultants who specialize in order management and payments software.  They specialize in WebSphere Commerce & performance, payment software design, and WebSphere Commerce Sterling CPO integration. They have worked and successfully integrated software solutions for many recognized top global fortune 500 companies. Thank you Aichner Enterprises for letting our group work with you! 

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Palmetto Digital Marketing Group recently had the honor of working with TALO in redesigning their website. TALO is a well established brand within the firearms community, and has a long history going back to 1965. TALO partners with many of the most iconic gun manufacturers in the business, to produce limited edition firearms to sell through a small but exclusive group of gun wholesalers.  Thank you TALO! 

Checkout the work we did for Taloinc

St Margaret's Episcopal Church

We were very excited to take this project on.  Our primary objectives were to better organize the website through folders and navigation, delete unnecessary content, and lastly, provide the website with a modern and fresh look.  St. Margaret’s is an Episcopal  Church, within the Diocese of New York, that welcomes all people without judgment. They are located in the beautiful hamlet of Staatsburg, which is in the county of Dutchess along the Hudson River just north of Hyde Park and south of Rhinebeck.

Checkout the work we did for St. Margaret's Episcopal Church

LCI Paper

While consulting and working at LCI Paper we completed an entire site redesign. Starting with the homepage, then product category pages, and eventually focusing on the individual product pages.  The goal was to increase the site conversion rate and make sure the brand was optimally positioned. To complete the task, we found and hired a front end UX expert, implemented changes, added new photography, then streamlined the site navigation. LCI Paper is an ecommerce site that sells quality paper and envelope products.